The asexual community in Spanish language

Este entrada es una colaboración para el carnaval de blogs sobre la intersección entre la asexualidad y la raza, cultura o nacionalidad. Escribo en inglés porque el objetivo de esta entrada es explicar a la comunidad asexual internacional las particularidades de la subcomunidad en lengua española.

I belong to the asexual community since 2008, when I started considering asexuality as a possibility for my sexual orientation. Now I identify as aromantic asexual and no longer take part in the forums, but I took part for long enough to compare the asexual communities in Spanish and in English. The greatest difference between them is that the macro forum of AVEN is exclusive of the community in English. There exists AVENes, the subsidiary of AVEN in Spanish, but it is much smaller. Its size and sex-positivity makes AVENes closer to Apositive than to AVEN. As far as I know, Apositive was founded because of a strongly anti-sexual current of opinion that dominated AVEN at the time of the foundation. Another thing I like about AVENes is that the Just For Fun subforum is small, not as in AVEN, where its bullshit overflows in such a way that one may forget that it is a forum on asexuality. The drawback of such a small community is that it is difficult to have subcommunities large enough to deal with the intersection of asexuality with, say, transgender or autism.

Not only the language, but mainly the culture is what justifies a community like AVENes separate of AVEN and its Anglo-Saxon dominance. It is true that there are cultural differences between Spain and Latin America, the latter is one generation back in conservativeness, but negligible compared to the Anglo-Saxon. A great difference is the religious background, something that even atheists and secular people have to deal with. Our religious background is Roman Catholic and, contrary to their Protestant one, has tolerated celibacy, and even encouraged it under certain conditions. This is a favorable climate for aromantic asexuals. Personally, I have never been pressured because of my singlehood.

I have read posts and gotten comments of people who are unable to speak of asexuality in their native language. This is not my case, since I have to policy of learning how to say in Spanish something new learned in English, and most of the terms made of Latin and Greek roots and thus easily calqued in Spanish. I found an exception in the word squish, coined in AVEN to mean an asexual and aromantic crush. I still don’t know how to speak of this feeling in proper Spanish, but squish is not proper English either.


3 Responses to The asexual community in Spanish language

  1. Siggy dice:

    One time I met someone who was active on AVEN Israel, and she lamented the fact that it was dominated by sex-repulsed people who discouraged any sex-related discussion. It interests me that this is not the case on AVENes. I thought it might just be a function of the community’s size and contact with English AVEN, but may be more to it than that.

  2. maddox dice:

    Gracias por el post Isaac, yo todavía tengo que escribir el mio :S

    When I first joined AVEN (way back in its infancy in 2005) I wrote a post in Spanish, but the sub-forum was so small I got little response.

    For me the hardest part of the language barrier is learning to express myself about sexuality and gender identity in Spanish – because everything I learn, all the terms and concepts, and the discourse from other blogs and forums, and even my inner monologue, are all in English. It is doubly hard because I live in the US, and I primarily speak about this in person only to my girlfriend, where we speak in Pocho-Spanglish. You should compile a dictionary of English-Spanish terms!

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