A 10-year perspective

This is a contribution to July 2018 Carnival of Aces.

Next October it will be 10 years since I joined AVEN. The Spanish asexual community has changed a lot from then on, and also my personal circumstances. First, as one can check in my first posts in this blog, I was initially cautious about considering me asexual, identifying more with the grey label “hyposexual.” Only once I learnt what sexual attraction actually is, I could identify as asexual rather than grey. Nowadays there are better descriptions of what sexual attraction is, but the issue of having to describe something we don’t experience remains.

The asexual community in Spain, which back then was entirely in AVENes, was tiny because of the the lack of visibility and awareness among the Spanish asexuals. The international community was still centered around AVEN, but it was more dispersed than the Spanish one. I remember the forum Apositive and a pre-Tumblr asexual blogosphere. Indeed, it was my admiration for these few but worthy blogs what made me start one in Spanish. Nowadays there are a lot of blog on asexuality, especially on Tumblr, and I post mostly for this carnival in English.

There were offline meetups in Spain since I joined the asexual community, but they gathered very few people from remote towns. Nowadays there are plenty of meetups, mostly in towns with a group with regular meetups, as Madrid and Barcelona. But my impression is that the growth of the community in size has increased more the number of groups than their size. I relate this with a phenomenon observed by a meetup organizer: when the size of the group reaches a dozen, a unified conversation is not sustainable and the talk splits into two subgroups.

Nowadays, the role of AVENes has declined a lot, with a fragmentation of the community both in Spain and in Latin America. As it was observed by Chrysocolla Town, the Spanish-speaking asexual community has migrated to Facebook. So, the outlook of our online community is dominated by the use of third-party platforms. The preponderance of a central resource as AVENes has its drawbacks, but so does the preponderance of third-party services.



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