Here I welcome to my blog both Anglophones and non-native people how can read English. I apologize for any bad use of English you might find.

About Isaac

I am a Spanish aromantic asexual (cis) guy, member of the asexual community since 2008. Apart of blogging at Mundo Heterogéneo, I also participate in AVEN forums. I initially considered myself hiposexual heterosexual, as one can find in the oldest posts of this blog, but then I reconsidered my orientation and realized I was fully asexual.

About Mundo Heterogéneo

This blog deals with some topics around sexual and affective orientations, especially the most minority, trying to break the illusion of homogeneity, hence the name. The main language of this blog is Spanish, as it is addressed to the Spanish-language asexual community, but there are also posts in English, mainly contributions to Carnival of Aces.


If you want to contact with me, you can send me a PM in any of the communities where we participate. You can also leave a comment in this blog or, if the topic is too private, I’m trying a contact form:


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